Jake's Page

Jake's Page

Farm Dog Extraordinaire

Jake, the resident Merck Farms farm dog, used to like to take walks with Farmer Bob to see what's happening on the farm, but these days, he's a bit older and prefers to stay back at the house with his mama and his soft bed. What a lazy bum, but we still love him! 

A few things Jake says: 

"I only get out of my warm bed if you plan to pet me..." 

"I love my nieces and nephew (Farmer Bob's grandkids) but man, they are very noisy!"

You want me to walk all the way out to the farm? But, Dad. It's so hot. The dog house is so nice and cool. And what if Mom brings out some cheesy treats? I think I'll stay behind...

Likes: long naps in the front yard, UPS trucks and their drivers (they bring treats!), sleeping at night in the living room on his soft bed, sliced cheese, taking golf cart rides with Mom, belly rubs, and people singing to him. Note: Jake also likes to chew up packages (only if they're very important like passports) left on the front porch by mailmen. Beware.

Dislikes: having to get out of his warm bed, walking too far, staying awake for too long, too much time between treats, and baby armadillos. 

Pictured below: a young Jake and his favorite buddies.